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660mg CBD Lab Blends massage balm 11.2 oz

660mg CBD Lab Blends massage balm 11.2 oz

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Lab+Blends Professional CBD Massage Balm is the choice of massage therapists everywhere! High levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) with other powerful pain-fighters such as Lidocaine and Menthol stop pain dead in its tracks!

CBD is absorbed through the skin, getting where it's needed for maximum effect. There it can inhibit the body's pain signaling, providing the ability to move, and the chance to heal.

That is why it continues to grow as the newest choice for premium clinical care. Non-psychoactive, this balm reduces reapplication needs because it possesses superior glide characteristics. All-natural hempseed oil and arnica round out this top-choice for therapists.

  • Contains 660 mg of ground-breaking pure Cannabidiol CBD Extract combined with powerful pain relievers of 1.65% Lidocaine and 1.25% Menthol for advanced pain management.
  • Allows application of the rich benefits of CBD right to the areas of pain and discomfort where they are needed most and where they can begin working instantly.
  • CBD is absorbed through the skin and binds to the body's own CB2 receptors. CBD has a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect on the body once it connects with these receptors. It is not mind altering nor habit forming.
  • Pure Hempseed Oil contains benefits often missing from other oils. Rich in essential fatty acids and over a dozen vitamins and minerals, its anti-inflammatory properties dramatically decreases skin dryness to alleviate itching and reduce irritation.
  • Arnica Extract when applied to the skin helps reduce pain and swelling associated with bruises, aches and sprains. It is known to soothe sore muscles when combined with massage.