CBD in the News:  Hottest CBD Categories for 2022

Hottest CBD Categories for 2022

The CBD market is expected to see sales of $1.3 billion in 2022, according to New Frontier Data. This makes CBD one of the fastest-growing product categories. Relative to which products are most likely to see explosive growth in the new year, foodservice company Menu Matters president Maeve Webster sees growth in skincare and topical products. She also expects a rise in tinctures.

Relative to consumables, beverages with CBD will see the most growth, owing to the innovation in the beverage category and Webster’s expectations consumers will be more apt to experiment with beverages than other consumable categories. Read more

Clint Eastwood Wins Legal Victory over Fake CBD Endorsements

Clint Eastwood is over $6 million dollars richer now that he has won a judgement over fake CBD endorsements.  A federal judge in California awarded the actor the judgement against a Lithuanian company that used Eastwood’s name and image in fake endorsements for CBD products.  Eastwood and the company that controls his name and image received the award from Mediatonas, which owns websites where the fake endorsements appeared.  Read more

Lung Cancer Patient’s Tumors Shrunk After Taking CBD Oil

An 81-year-old lung cancer patient in the U.K saw tumors shrink by taking drops of CBD oil each day.  The ex-smoker refused chemotherapy and other treatments. Instead, the patient took CBD oil for three months to tackle the disease. Doctors published scans that showed the tumors were half their size and the progression of the disease was reversed. Doctors reviewing the case acknowledge that the CBD may have had a role in the response, though other experts caution this could just be one case. Read more

Could A Vending Machine Dispense CBD Products?

At the White Label World Expo New York, an online retail sourcing show, the Canaboxx invention was on display. The vending machine dispenses CBD products.  The company’s owner and president Andre Addison compared the technology to the way banks integrated ATMs for convenience. He said Covid-19 has created a greater need for no-contact sales. The Canaboxx could meet this need. Addison envisions a future where such vending machines could be on every street corner when all 50 states have deregulated the use of marijuana. Read more