At Lab+Blends, we use CBD to help you live life without pain, stress, or lack of sleep. Each product is tested for purity and potency and is non-psychoactive. We provide real solutions to your wellness concerns and ensure our products are trusted and valued by you.

Live Your Best Life With Lab+Blends CBD

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Using our OTC Drug License, we wanted to combine known actives with maximum amounts of CBD. Products had to address daily health concerns, provide real benefits, and assure lifelong customers. Our goal is easy to understand, it is our promise— we want to be here, helping you live your best life.

Jean Shea

Founder and President

Facts About Our CBD

  • Non-addictive, derived from industrial hemp
  • Use for pain, stress, and relaxation
  • Promotes longer, sounder sleep
  • Contains no THC and is non-psychoactive
  • Long-lasting, non-narcotic pain relief
  • Will not react to drug testing

CBD helps to improve thinking, decrease pain, and reduce stress. Derived from industrial hemp, it puts wellness back in your life.

Said to increase creativity, improve mood, and sharpen focus, it delivers powerful health benefits, never makes you “high”, and leaves you feeling relaxed and in balance.