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Do the things you love without stress, pain, or lack of sleep. Our CBD products give meaningful solutions for your wellness concerns. Target discomfort, increase a sense of well-being, or ensure a great night's sleep. You deserve to live your best life, start living it today.

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Lab Blends CBD Means Living Your Best Life

Hear What Everyone Is Saying

My massage therapist recommended this for shoulder pain relief. It is amazing! Works quickly and very effective for hours of relief. Smells great too.


I am glad I came across this CBD sleep aid. It helps me fall asleep and stay asleep for 7-8 hours without feeling groggy. I wake up feeling alert and ready to go.


I recently started taking some heart medication and didn't want to take another pill for my lower leg pain. This CBD product helped my pain tremendously. The most benefit came after the second or third day. The fact that it also helped me sleep better was a nice added benefit. The olive oil they added gives it a pleasant flavor. Don't forget to shake it first!


Living your best life means doing the things you enjoy without the discomfort of stress, pain, or lack of sleep. CBD, derived from industrial hemp, is non-psychoactive and gives powerful health benefits without the high.

Each of our products is tested for purity and potency to guarantee you get the maximum results. We want to provide natural solutions to your wellness concerns and ensure that our products are trusted and loved by you.

Facts About CBD

  • Derived from Industrial Hemp
  • Use for stress, anxiety and relaxation
  • Contains no THC and is non-psychoactive
  • Enhance relaxation, improve sleep
  • Long-lasting, non-narcotic pain relief
  • Will not react to drug testing