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NOTICE: Due to our California Governor mandating business closures, we will be closing our office for a short time. Orders will ship on April 9th. During this time, we will be accepting online orders, picking up messages, and answering calls should you have any questions. We hope to be back to serve you very shortly. Please visit our distributors if you need a product urgently.

Breaking new frontiers in health, Lab+Blends CBD will make you feel uplifted without any mind-altering effect. Opening pathways to help your brain work at a higher functionality and aiding in the activation of serotonin receptors, it can indirectly help avoid conditions such as stress, anxiety and insomnia and eases symptoms of arthritis, inflammation and chronic pain. Using CBD helps give you a sense of well-being and the happy life you deserve.

Lab Blends CBD Means Living Your Best Life

If you suffer from arthritis, a sports injury, muscle pain or strain, joint pain or back pain, you know how easy it is for the pain to take the joy out of your life. Get back to doing the things you love with LAB+BLENDS CBD products.

Using only sustainably produced hemp extracts and botanicals, you will never have to worry about being exposed to harmful chemicals or unsafe ingredients. Our extraction method optimizes the naturally occurring terpenes and phytonutrients which increase the benefits of the CBD.

Facts About CBD

  • Derived from Industrial Hemp
  • Use for stress, anxiety and relaxation
  • Contains no THC and is non-psychoactive
  • Enhance relaxation, improve sleep
  • Long-lasting, non-narcotic pain relief
  • Will not react to drug testing