It all started about 40 years ago when our founder, Jean Shea, wanted to create skincare products for natural food stores. So, in her kitchen with a large pot and a homemade mixer, she started blending up her popular body lotion—Chamomile Moisture Lotion.


As her business grew, she moved from her home to an office located in the same neighborhood as a massage therapy school. When the director of the school approached her and asked if she could formulate massage products for the school, BIOTONE was born. BIOTONE grew from making one massage oil to making hundreds of professional products for use by therapists in health, wellness, and medical clinics throughout the United States and abroad.

As the reputation for quality products continued to grow, requests for targeted pain relief were being expressed by customers. People were asking, "isn't there something else?" With numerous years of experience formulating products, she started working on the concept of using CBD. The aim was to make everyday life healthy and happy by reducing pain, decreasing stress, and promoting good quality sleep. Most importantly, these products had to work and give customers answers.

Today, BIOTONE offers the Lab+Blends Line of solution-based health and wellness products. "Using our OTC Drug License, we wanted to combine known actives with maximum amounts of CBD. Products had to address daily health concerns, provide real benefits, and assure lifelong customers. Our goal is easy to understand, it is our promise—we want to be here, helping you live your best life," says Jean.


Jean now and then