CBD Pain Relief Cream

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1.76 oz. / 50 g

Combines highly concentrated levels of CBD with powerful pain relievers to give advanced pain management.  CBD known for the support it provides in reducing joint pain and inflammation and decreasing pain signaling to the brain, is creating ground breaking results in pain care.  Direct application to the area of pain helps gives hours of soothing and relaxing comfort.  Helps regain range of motion as pain decreases.  THC Free, non-psychoactive. 


  • Contains 400 mg of pure Cannabidiol CBD Extract with no mind-altering components.
  • 3% Menthol and 2% Lidocaine added for advanced pain management.
  • Helps regain range of motion as pain decreases.
  • Arnica Extract helps reduce pain and swelling from bruises, aches and sprains.
  • Non-psychoactive, THC Free.

Key Ingredients:

  • 400 mg of Pure Cannabidiol CBD Extract for advanced pain management.
  • Menthol works as a counter-irritant to reduce pain.
  • Lidocaine helps to reduce sharp, burning, aching pain.
  • CBD sourced by BIOTONE is a USA compound.

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